English rozhovor with Paddy and Angelo

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Na přeložení bubu pracovat,očekávejte jej tak v neděli(tuhle 28.10.).
Jinak zatím kdo anglkicky umí,tak tomu rozumět bude.

hat language do you normaly speak when you are in private
P & A: English.
* What is your alltime favourite song?
A: My favourite song? There is a few... One of them is "Wonderfull Tonight" from Eric Clapton.
* Paddy, do you wear the box-shorts?
P: It's top secrets ... hahaha
A: No, he is wearing tangas ...
* Paddy, do you believe in after-life?
P: Yes, necessarily.
* Paddy, on how much instruments do you play?
P: 8, but only 2 or 3 really good.
* Paddy, when will your solo-album come?
P: My solo-album will come probably in autumn or at the end of year, the priority Nr. 1: Family!
* How do you write your songs? Do you write first the words and then the music, or it's other way round?
A: It's different, sometimes you have some melody on head, sometimes some conception and then melody.
* Angelo, would you like to know even some language?
A: I knew a little Frech language, but I forgot it. I would like to learn this language again.
* Which film do you see last time at cinema?
P: Lord of the rings was good.
A: Vanilla Sky - wasn't bad.
Viva chat with Paddy and Angelo - 09. 06. 2002
* Does Paddy pray every day?
P & A: Yes, Paddy prays every day.
* Will be some concerts in Austira?
P & A: The concerts in Austria will be on September.
* Will be this year the concert in Loreley?
P & A: No, in Loreley won't be.
* Why did Paddy cut his long hair? He looked so beautiful...
P & A: Paddy had whole his life only long hair ... and now he felt bad with them.
* Does Angelo know, if Kira will become boy or girl? If yes, what will be the name?
P & A: They don't know, if it will be a boy or girl ... The name they didn't choose yet.
* Do you think, that you will have some concert with John and Kathy sometimes?
P & A: It is not impossible, that they will make a music with John and Kathy.
* How is Joey's wife? I heard she had a crash.
P & A: Joey's wife is on the whole good.
* Which books did you read last Paddy and Angelo?
P & A: Angelo reads mainly musical books and the books about formula 1 and Paddy is very busy lately for reading the books.
* Has Paddy a girlfriend or not? Is he a guy? Has Paddy a boyfriend?
P & A: Paddy didn't answer, if he has a girlfriend ... haha!
* What is Paddy's best song on "La Patata"?
P & A: His best song is "What's The Matter You People".
* How is Paddy's best place for holiday?
P & A: He loves the holiday in Ireland ... and all-round by the sea.
* Who has driving licence from Kellys?
P & A: All Kellys have meanwhile driving licence.
* Paddy, do you wanna children?
P & A: Paddy would like very much to have children, but not just yet now. He would like to start family in 4 - 5 years.
* In which country are you for choice?
P & A: There is no country ... but on rock festivals they are playing rather.
* Were you sometimes in Russia?
P & A: Patricia and Jimmy were in Belorussia.
* What will be your next single and when will it come?
P & A: New single will come in the middle of August ... probably ... they don't know still what.
* What is Paddy's best movie?
P & A: For Angelo: English patient ... all: Godfather ... by Paddy: The Mission, or Gladiator and Braveheart.
* What is Paddy's best food?
P & A: *Paddy is laughing* Pastes, diabetic rice a everything, what contains Bio.
Kel-Club chat with Paddy and Angelo - 19. 06. 2002
* Will Joey run in Berlin Marathon on September and will you run, Paddy, also with him?
A: I heard about it, that he will be in Berlin.
* What will be with rock version of "An Angel"? Will it come in live verison? It's the right first cream.
A: The performance from the show "TV Total" you can hear in one of the other TV Totals CD covers.
* Will be again the winter tour?
A: We're planning ca. 20 concerts in Germany and ca. 15 concerts in aboard.
*What will you do on ORB? Only sing?
P: We sing three songs from the new album "La Patata" and possibly give an short interview. Check it out.
* What will be the next single?
P: Next single will come probably in third week of August and it's one unpublished song, which isn't on the album. More I can't so far say.
* What are you doing in your free time?
A: I like to going to the cinema - but momentarily because of my child I see the SVD.
* Do you like rather the small halls then big?
A: It depends, which big halls. E.g. Dortmund Westfalenhalle we like very much - but in the small halls there is more fun.
* What do you like to drink, or better to wetter: What is your best ice cream - kind? There are summer holidays soon ... How do you fantasize your "perfect" holiday and where do you want to spend it?
A: A was to Greece two years ago - it was raining still. But I found there the taste to drink the cocktails.
* Do you knit, Paddy? How looks your best boxing shorts? Moment, the brothers are quarreling about this, who is the better in knit ...
P: At one time, when I was ca. 8-9 years old I knit from the yarn the scarf. I dissuade the knit boxing shorts, which prick.
A: I must say, that Paddy wasn't good in kint, I was better, I knit for us all costume.
* And you Paddy? What is you best place, where you would like to live?
P: Before Angelo said nonsence. Ireland is my best land, but to be somewhere in the sun, it's so super.
* Hello! Are you planning to come again to Hungary soon? We were pleased to see you again. Are you gonna touring in Sweden this year? (which city?)
A: We would love to do some concerts in Sweden, maybe you can call some concert management companies and ask them if they can do something - by the way I will ask Joey if something is possible.
* Will you return to Portugal for more concerts? We would like it so much, Portugal are waiting for you!
P: Yes, we are hopping to include Portugal and Spain in our wintertour between november and january.
* Are you still ride on horseback ... hope you have still the horse?
A: I was riding on hors very much - but momentarily I'm very busy. But I miss it very much.
* When will come Paddy's solo album? Do you know yet the title?
P: My solo album will come probably at the end of this year. I must finish yet some recordings.
* Paddy, what is with your art fair, what did you want to make in Cologne with Barby? Are you drawing still so much?
P: The art fair won't take place, because of my family. I'm still drawing as well as earlier and Barby too.
* Which three things would you like to take in desolate island?
A: Playstation (which I don't have), TV with flat screen (which I also don't have) and Ferrati (which I not a bit have) - hahaha.
* Will you now in Kel-Club make more chats?
P: We would like to make more chats with the members of Kel-Club. The exact data will be place on our page in time.
* Patrick, once did you say, that you are planning the concert on China's wall. Is it still actual? And if yes, when it will be take place? I would like to be by it ...
P: The concert unfortunately foundered at sponsors. But maybe sometimes it will be realize.
* Angelo, Paddy has cut his hair (by the way it looks great), when will you cut your hair?
A: I cut my hairs two years ago up to my shoulders, but now that they are growing longer again. I don't think I will cut my hair as short as Paddy in the near future.
* Your songs are more personal. Can you explain it?
P: I think of late years passed off very much in our individual and family live and it led to it, that today we are writing the songs about the real themes and values.
* Are you speaking really with several languages? Angelo once said, that he speaks only English and Germany!
A: I knew French, but now I only understand. But I speak German and English. The other speak German, English, Spanish and French.
* Paddy, does somebody play on piano yet?
P: Patricia is playing in privat very much on piano and Anglo and Barby are playing on keyboard.
* What is now your best song?
P: I think the actual singl "What's The Matter You People" is really cool!
A: I think the better is momentarily actual singl of Eminem.
* Patrick, what do you feel when you hear the word "Spain"?
P: I feel like getting on a plane and fly to Spain, because there is no rain in beautiful Spain. But seriously I find they have a wonderful culture (music, dance ...), good food and lot's of alegria and tasty sangria.
Chat with Paddy and Angelo - 17. 10. 2002

* Angelo, are you looking forward to your baby girl and do you want to have with Kira more children?
A: We are looking forward to our next little girl so much please and we are so much lucky, that we've already 2 children. But we want to have more children.
* When will you become her?
A: At the end of year, I don't want to tell the term.
* Have you already the names?
A: We don't know still the name, we choose it till few days before the birth.
* Paddy, you have to shave your hair freshly... Why they are so short?
P: Yes. I explain it. Last week I was in studio for my solo album. Some young lady wanted to colour my hair on blond. It looked so bad. 2 days later I let then colour my hair on red. It looked even worse. And then I let shave my hair completely 2 days ago. It look even worse!! So now I'm wearing for sometime a cap.
* Hallo Paddy, why do you take part so high on Marathon, do you plan Triatlon too? Do you want to go in footprint of Joey?
P: I don't overtake to go in Joey's footprint. He's rare efficient sportsman. He made world record. But just he infected me with the sport. Though I'll get over soon my 5th Marathon,... I'll train for Triatlon too.
* Several times you have already spoken about some DVD. When will it come out?
P: Jimmy works of finish full tilt. We try to publish it before Christmas.
* Paddy and Angelo who're your model?
P: From human it's my big model mother Therese. Like musical model they are Bruce Springsteen and U2 for me.
A: From human it's Paddy... Musical model: People as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen. In jazz then Miles Davis and John Coltrane. From human was the biggest model my father for me.
* Which song will you sing at Gala for help of hungry around the world?
P: They asked us to sing "Lord can you hear my prayer". But edition spoke with us before the introduction of our new single.
* When will be the Gala?
P & A: Gala will be on next Sunday, but transmission will be on November.
* What is your nearest single?
A: New single is called "Mrs. Speechless".
* It's unprecedented?
A: It was written two weeks ago. I wrote this song a few days before recording.
* Can you tell what is the matter?
A: I had a dream, I don't want to speak about it. After I wrote this song. In dream there is no laughter, nor tears, but only gleam. It's not ballad and Paddy is playing on drums!!
* Does Angelo sing lead voice?
A: Yes. The publication will be in the middle of or at the end of November. And now just we are thinking about new album. At the end of next year we will go into studio and will start with first recording.
* If you can study, which branch?
P: Philosophy and theology. I'm interested in that, how can I find the answers to questions: What is the sense of life, after-life, independent on religion.
* Do you believe in after-life?
P: I believe in after-life. I can't believe that only the worms eat us and there's an end of it. We are catholic family... We are also at the same time rock band.
* What would you like to study, Angelo?
A: If I could take to study so 2 till 3 years, I would like to do probably some classical music, possibly jazzy teach-in. I would like to learn, to use all possibility.
* Have you some girlfriend, Paddy?
P: Momentarily no.
* Do you feel more at home in Ireland, in Germany or in Spain?
P: I feel maybe best in Ireland. But from practical reason it's better to live in Germany. E.g . we have perhaps 80 concerts in Germany in one year. If we were living somewhere else, we were needing to fly there and back. We can save of if.
* And you, Angelo?
A: I feel very well in Ireland and I'd like to live there. But I grow up in Germany and here I have so much friends, so that is very nice to live here.
* Are you and Kira a husband and wife?
A: We're not still married couple, but are thinking about it. Joey isn't still married, only Patricia is married.
* What's your biggest dream? No musical...
P: Farm, 5 children, studio and own chapel. Not only children, but some wife too.
A: I wish to have once a bigger house with many children. But perhaps we don't overtake 10 children.
Kel-Club Chat with Paddy and Angelo - 23. 10. 2002
* To which occasion did you wrote the song "Mrs. Speachless"?
A: Song is called "Mrs. Speechless" and my inspiration was a dream, which I had. It's love song too and also song to muse.
* Hallo to both! Will you have at winter tour some autograph-hours?
P: I think, that we planned some autograph-hours. But I don't know, when and where. Soon you can find it in our concerttours.
* Will be on new Maxi-CD the other new songs?
A: On new single will be 4 new songs, inclusive "Mrs. Speechless". I added a little drumsolo, which you can find there too.
* Paddy with what kind of songs we can calculate on your solo album?
P: It's always heavy to define the art, specially the music. I can only say that it sounds enough otherwise than what I do with the family!
* Who had the idea to take part in Grand Prix once more?
A: We still didn't discuss it with the Grand Prix. We don't know if we can do it once more ... But we can't except it.
* Will come soon calendar for 2003?
P: Yes, we made calendar from photos of our last session that you can find soon on tour or in Kelshop.
* When will come Paddy's solo album?
P: In the beginning of next year will come my album definitiv.
* Paddy, what's happened with your animals, which you had on Gymnich?
P: I have still 2 goats, the sheeps I gave back to herdsman and pig already died before longer time.
* Angelo, there comes a new video and what is it about?
A: We will bring out a DVD of the making of "La Patata" but we will also soon shoot a videoclip for the new single "Mrs. Speechless".
* Paddy, will be on your album also the song "Rain of Roses" or "Hold on"?
P: "Rain of Roses" and "Hope" (no "Hold on") will be on my solo album.
* What does your perfect evening look like?
P: Beer, chips and football :-)
* Are you still sooo kind to themselves? :-)
P: No, only in public.
* What are you watching on TV in private?
A: Sometimes I watch The Osbourns on MTV and Good time and bad time on RTL ;-) ha ha
P: I watch only CNN, but I like the nature documents or reportages about new scientific research.
Did you have anytime spoken with someone from Kellys ?

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